About this site

About this site
St Vincent at Glastonbury 2014 by Gary Wolstenholme

Drowned in Sound is an independent publication launched in October 2000 by lovely bunch of music lovers. Our editorial website went on pause in 2019 but in 2023 it made a slight return as a newsletter written by site founder Sean Adams, who also hosts its new podcast and runs its rebooted record label.

Subscribe to our podcast on Apple, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts (all episodes are free) to hear conversations about creating a fairer, more sustainable and more equal future for the music industry. Season one focusses on the foundations of the modern industry from TikTok to AI whilst season two explores the past, present and future of the music press. Coming soon will be seasons about putting the planet before profit, the need for a MeToo movement in music, and more.

We'll be sending out weekly newsletters throughout 2024, looking at the future of music, exploring everything from the music press to climate justice, the culture wars to ambient albums to soften you day.

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