A playlist for you

Photo by Jorge Vasconez / Unsplash

Yes I have a playlist for almost everything, including the summer solstice.

This is one of my favourite playlists because itโ€™s slowly euphoric. Few of these tracks could be described as bangers but theyโ€™re like gently cresting waves, lifting and lifting you.

Made this a few years ago, I think the challenge I set myself for this was songs over five minutes long that feel like the sun cracking through the clouds or a really bright dawn. The DiS community selected some of the tracks toward the end. What would you add?

It kicks off with one of my favourite Cut Copy tunes (the sort of track that sounds like itโ€™s imploding before going for another ten transcendent minutes) and ends with that LCD Soundsystem mix for Nike. Itโ€™s got lots of remixes like Erol Alkanโ€™s take on Metronomy and a big Field rework of underrated blog kids Bear in Heaven. And The Orbโ€™s Little Fluffy Clouds, obvs.