Yellow Squares 🟨🎡

Yellow Squares 🟨🎡
A selection of yellow squares from

"Music has always been my refuge, a place where I can truly express myself."

That line is something I think all musicians and crowd members can relate to. It reminded me of when I came up with the name for Drowned in Sound, and I was trying to find something less cringe than "lost in music" that captured the rapturous feeling of being trampled by crowd surfers and covered in three different people's beer.

After inhaling a mouthful of Dorset seawater when out bodyboarding and thinking of a kid who had an accident in a grain silo, the name appeared. Filled with a melancholy and feeling of (joyous) overwhelm.

That opening quote to this post is from this week's podcast guest Elijah. He was a pioneer in the UK grime scene with his pirate radio show, Butterz label and club nights hosting the likes of Skepta and Stormzy. He's been a blogger and avid adapter to different platforms to celebrate the music and club culture that he loves, and he is one of my absolute favourite people to follow online.

His Yellow Squares project brilliantly mixes art (Shrigley, Holzer, etc), journalism, and community building. The 🟨 often feel as much like a prod as a prompt, which makes a lot more sense when he referred to his approach to sharing his knowledge as being "open source", which was a technology movement that a lot of the internet now runs on.

At one point in our chat he ponders β€œwhat’s the musical equivalent of a community note?” which left me thinking about all of the record reviews I wish I could attach a line about the writer hating this album, also thinks Limp Bizkit are the greatest band of all time. Or something.

As well as being a profound thinker, who has this great ability to zoom out to the fundamentals, he can be wonderfully provocative on Twitter too:

Was great to finally chat to him after years of replying to his posts on social platforms. We discussed some of the ideas around the future of media, how journalism shouldn't be limited to words on a Tumblr, and we explore some of the challenges facing musicians right now.

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