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“If you start out and it doesn't do something that you're very impressed by, your assumption should be that your prompt wasn't very good,” this summarises the advice from music industry veteran David Boyle, who specialises in understanding audiences, and over the last few months has become an expert in using ChatGPT. So much so he's co-written a book called PROMPT about, you guessed it, writing prompts to get artificial intelligence to give you better answers.

David is our guest on the latest edition of the Drowned in Sound podcast (subscribe on Apple | Spotify | Etc). This conversation is aimed at musicians and people who work in the music industry, but the takeaways should be fairly obvious whatever you're trying to achieve.

In this episode, I also share some of the ways I’ve been using ChatGPT to get movie recommendations based on the songs that are on the soundtrack, made it update the lyrics to Billy Joel’s classic listing hit ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’, and how I’m using it to better understand the complex legalese in a contract for some of the artists I work with.

If you've not already tried ChatGPT, give the AI bot a go for free here.

Since we recorded this episode, this conversation has also inspired David and his team to write a new edit of PROMPT for musicians, taking in some of the elements and workflows we discussed.

Drowned in Sound listeners can grab it using this link (Use the code 5F3FV05EWRND at check out for an extra discount)

We hope you will find the practical examples and advice in this episode useful. I would love to hear about how you've used other AI. Tweet @seaninsound and @beglen any screenshots of your experiments if you get chance.

Lastly, a sneaky tip, there's a Twitter bot that you can send ChatGPT Prompts to here and it replies in a minute or two.

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